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The women who have changed the world have never needed to show anything else than their intelligence!

Today is the international Women's Day and all attention is directed to the female sex.

Women are admirable, unique and mysterious. Women are mothers, wives, grandmothers, girlfriends, friends, sisters and colleagues. Being a woman is fascinating. It is an adventure that requires courage and is a challenge that never ends. To all women who always find the enthusiasm, the vitality and the energy to never give up. A wish and a special THANK YOU.

Let yourself celebrate, because it's your day.
A warm embrace from women of the Windschar team

Monika Kronbichler, Sieglinde, Petra, Veronika, Christine, Svetlana, Tijana, Marina, Elisabeth, Mary, Viola, Katalin, Adriana, Evi, Margith, Nighat, Fabiola, Aicha, Carolina, Maria, Julia, Karin, Bruna, Julia, Hannah, Lucia, Claudia, Eva, Evelyn and Claudia.