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Ferien- & Wellnesshotel Windschar

Massage / body treatments

We offer an extensive range of massages and body treatments from Ayurveda/Ayurasan over Vitalstone, sport massages and Shiatsu to the exklusive haki® back treatments.


Anti stress massage for head and neck

Full body massage Duration ca. 50 minutes 56,00 €
Partial body massage/back massage Duration ca. 25 minutes 39,00 €
Foot and leg massage Duration ca. 25 minutes 39,00 €
Head and neck massage Duration ca. 25 minutes 39,00 €

Foot reflexology massage

The genuine reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. Therefore, the massage is effective in stimulating the functions of the internal organs. Foot reflexology massage activates the entire body and stimulates the energy flow.

Duration ca. 25 minutes - 38,00 €

Sportive Massage

By using massaging, extension and cupping techniques the muscles are loosened and the blood circulation promoted.

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 59,00 €

Special treatment for the back with warm fango

resolves energy blocks and tensions

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 59,00 €

Alpine massage with essential oils of herbs

This traditional massage with alpine herbs like spruce, juniper berries, St. John’s wort and arnica blossoms help to relieve tension and wakes new life energy.

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 59,00 €

Aromatic oil massage

Relaxing massage with fine aromatic oil components as you choose. Because of the effect of the aromatic oil there will be a harmony, which will influence your well-being. This oils are imbue your skin, reaching into the blood vessels and detoxicate the body.

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 59,00 €

New! Herbal massage by Art of Care

Gentle massage movements elicit the warm herbal stamps of lemon balm, yarrow, calendula, stinging nettle, lavender and rosemary their detoxifying and skin-care effect. Enthralled in magical fragrances, you feel relaxed and balanced.

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 64,00 €

The Ayurveda oil massage

The special “Ayurveda” massage derives from a 5,000-year tradition of ancient Indian natural healing practices for long life. First you are salved with warm, Indian herbal oils, providing warmth and vitality through focused caressing and massaging. Inner tensions are released, allowing you to relax and let go...
The Ayurvedic oil massage is a wonderful treatment for regenerating and harmonising the organism and promotes detoxification and cell renewal in the body. Swedana is the Ayurvedic sweat and purification bath - the perfect way to round out an ayurvedic massage.

Ayurveda full body massage
Duration ca. 50 minutes - 59,00 €

Ayurveda full body massage
Duration ca. 80 minutes - 92,00 €

Lymphatic drainage - the whole body

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage which encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. The lymphatic drainage utilises a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes. It boosts the immune system and has also a positive physical effect, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing puffiness caused by water retention and poor circulation.

Lymphatic drainage - the whole body
Duration ca. 50 minutes - 56,00 €

Lymphatic drainage face or leg
Duration ca. 25 minutes - 39,00 €

Kids Massage

with honey oil from 6 years
Duration ca. 25 minutes - 39,00 €

Tip! vitalis vitalstone massage ©

This deep relaxation massage is based on hot basaltic stones and precious essential oils. It provides the sensation of global harmony after periods of strong physical or emotional stress, in periods of interior renewal and relaxation or more simply as a gift for one’s self or for a dear one.

Duration ca. 80 minutes - 87,00 €

haki® stretch & relax – Uniquely different

The treatment haki® stretch & relax was developed from Harald Kitz especially for stressed people with lots on their minds. He won with this treatment the Bazaar Spa Award as „most relaxing treatment“.
The **** Holiday & Wellness Hotel Windschar is the first Hotel in Italy with the license for the haki® stretch & relax, haki® sakral und haki® purna treatments.
The haki® treatments remove muscle tensions in the shoulder, neck, head and back area reaching total relax and regeneration.

haki® sakral - Treatment, especially for the deeper dorsum
Duration ca. 25 minutes - 44,00 €

haki® stretch & relax - Treatment for shoulder, neck and head
Duration ca. 25 minutes - 44,00 €
Duration ca. 50 minutes - 64,00 €

haki® purna - a combination of haki sakral and haki stretch & relax
Duration ca. 80 minutes - 94,00 €

Piroche treatment

Behind the name Piroche Cosmétiques you'll find a exquisite line of cosmetic with precious ingredients directly from the nature and a unique method of treatment originates on the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The holistic method Piroche Cosmétiques removes gentle blockades of energy, opens and stimulates the flow of energy and brings body, mind and soul back to their natural balance.
With this method of Piroches Cosmétiques the body will be purified and detoxicate, the points of energy will be stimulated and the cells motivated for regeneration. Inner balance means more energy, a better well-being and a beaming, fresh appearance.

Optimal results for cellulite over the entire body, anti-age / fold treatment, cosmetic problems because of bad circulation.

Anti-cellulite flash treatment - Piroche

A revolution to balance the cosmetic Problems, which founded by Cellulite.
The symbiosis of natural active products of the Piroche Cosmetic Line, the holistic manual work supported by specific equipment as well as the knowledge of energies and body functions create a foundation which assures the end consumers of stable and desired results. The bio-energetic lymphatic drainage is a immediately efficient mechanisms with the lymph drainer, Suited for moving liquids and for specific detoxination along the lines of the muscle meridian. The skin will be regenerated and tighter.

Duration ca. 50 minutes - 85,50 €

4 days Cellulite - Treatment - Pack – Piroche for special price

  • 4 special treatments by bio-energetic lymphatic drainage to purifying, regenerating and maintaining.
  • inclusive 2 ocean algae baths, which are drain, detoxinating and stimulating. They are a perfect completion to the Anti-Cellulite-Treatment.

4 x 50 min. bio-energetic lymphatic drainage,
+ 2 x 30 min. for the ocean algae baths

397,00 € instead of 436,00 €

Bio-energetic Mini Lifting for her and him - Piroche

The strongest and most efficient products include Bio aroma, for already in the cosmetics of the antique and in folk medicines the value of essential oils was very much appreciated.
Application is simple and enables the cosmetician to achieve considerable results already with the first applications. Balancing Bio aroma from Piroche Cosmétiques are specialized for any type of skin. A bioenergetic vacuum draining makes a powerful and relaxed face. A pure natural face lifting with immediately effects. Cleaning, bioenergetic vacuum draining with balancing bio aroma synergy.

Duration ca. 25 minutes - 41,00 €