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Use of environmentally friendly products

The employment of environmentally friendly products in our Hotel is fundamental. The packages of the courtesy kit that you will find in your rooms are 100% made of recycled materials and the products inside are both eco-friendly and made in Italy.

Ecological woodchip plant

With our wood-chip heating system and thanks to its limited CO2 emissions, we ensure you a sustainable holiday in South Tyrol. The thermal energy generated is used to heat the entirity oft he Windschar Hotel and its pools.

Hot water thanks to solar pannels

Our outdoor-pool is heated by solar pannels – taking a swim has never been so sustainable!/eco-friendly.

Sustainable travel – Think green and keep it clean

Upon request, it is possible to rent our electric car. With no emissions nor exhaust fumes we maintain the mountain air clear and pure and the future generations will be able to enjoy the same breathtaking landscapes you helped to preserve today.

Discover your surroundings while staying green

Do you want to explore your holiday destination in an environmentally friendly way? No problem! The Windschar e-bikes are available at a small fee to all our guest for short trips in the surrounding area. Thanks to the electric support when pedalling, you can reach new heights in no time and with little effort, and easily master any gradient.

Bruneck Kronplatz Card: travel free and green

Thanks to the Bruneck Kronplatz Card our guests have the chance to explore the neraby area for free and in a sustainable way with public transportation.

What's more, you can visit over 80 museums in the region free of charge and take part in various excursions and activities organised in the surrounding area.

Sustainable printing

Here at the Windschar Hotel we use recycled paper to print all information material available to our guests.

Recycling in the rooms

In all of our rooms the guests will have the chance to carefully recycle their trash. They can separate paper, plastic and unsorted garbage.


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