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Julia is our front office manager. She lives with her family in Gais and has been working at the Windschar for six years. Julia is an open-minded and warm person and she is always happy to help you with any questions you may have. In her spare time she likes meeting up with her friends.



Judith is a member of the reception team and this is her third season at the Windschar Hotel. She is originally from Vandoies and  she enjoys reading and hanging out with friends in her free time. Another passion of hers is travelling



Jessica works at the Reception with her colleagues and comes from Vicenza. In her spare time she likes listening to music and watching movies.



Giulia comes from Sardinia and this is her second season at the Windschar hotel. She loves spending time with her friends and family and her main passions are travelling and literature.



Silvia is one of our waiters and lives in San Giorgio. When she's not working at the Windschar she takes care of her 2 children. During her free time she loves to take long walks.



Lisa was born in Brunico, the town where she still lives in. She has a degree in Economy and Trade and in 2019 she graduated in Marketing and Communication. At Windschar is the head of the Sales&marketing department  and in charge of social media. Lisa has also a passion for fashion.



Alexander is our chef de cuisine who conjures up treats for the eyes, nose and taste buds using every trick in the book. He has been working his magic in the Windschar kitchen for more than 10 years and pursues his credo: farm regionally, harvest seasonally and refine with fresh herbs. Alex lives with his family in Gais and has a cat.



Roman has been a member of the kitchen team for the past two season. He has two sons with whom he spends his spare time and one of their favourrites activities is hiking in the mountains. His greatest passion is cooking.



Valdan has been part of the kitchen team for several years now. He is originally from Serbia and prepares fantastic breakfasts at the Windschar Hotel. When he is not spending time in the hotel, he likes to take long walks in nature.



This is the first season in our hotel for Patrick. When he is not working with our kitchen team, he likes to have fun with his friends and hiking in the mountains.



Fabio is our pastry chef. He is originally from Pavia but lives in Brunico with his fiancé. When he is not busy preparing delicious cakes he loves to work out and in particular he likes running.



Fabiola welcomes you with a warm smile at the breakfast buffet and spoils you with scrambled eggs and freshly made crêpes. Born in Chile, she followed her great love to Gais 28 years ago. In her spare time she likes to go for long walks with her four-legged friend or to explore Northern Europe.



Kamila is originally from Slovakia and she’s part of the kitchen team. One of her passion is literature but she also enjoys sports and listening to music too.



Mihai is originally from Romania and this is his first season at the Windschar Hotel. One of his greatest passions? Traveling! He spends a lot of his free time with his beloved family.



Our Sieglinde, affectionately called Siegi by everyone, ensures a good mood within the service team. The waitress anticipates your wishes and spoils you with every trick in the book. Siegi comes from Gais and she mostly spends her spare time between wellness treatement and walks.



Ivana is originally from Bosnia Erzegovina, but since 2018 she lives in Molini di Tures. At the Windschar hotel she works in service. Ivana has a passion for literature. When she is not working she passes her time reading.



Giulio is a member of our service team that manages the Restaurant. He is originally from Ostuni but he lives in Gais. Giulio has always had a great passion for literature but in his pare time he also likes to travel.



Nicola was born in Molfetta but since a couple of years, he lives in Germany with his family. He is a part of the Service team and this is his first season at the Windschar Hotel. He enjoys traveling, watching soccer games and he runs to stay in shape.



Luigi, but here at the Windschar we call him Gigi, is from Padova and is a member oft he Service team. He’s always smiling and manages to put everybody in a good mood. He has two sons with whom he enjoys spending his free time. One of his passion? Bricolage.



Alberto was born in Miland and at the moment is a member of the service team in our hotel. In his free time he dabbles in photography and likes to travel: his favourites destinations are Japan and Spain.



Xhoana has been in charge of our spa for six seasons and she is specialized in cosmetic treatments. She has also obtained a diploma to performe the unique Haki method: thanks to it she will help you to leave stress of everyday life behind. Her family is originally from Albania but she was born and raised in Castelrotto, a beautiful town on the Alpe di Siusi. "Joy" always spreads good mood, loves good food and relaxes with yoga and meditation.



Julia is part of our SPA team and with her golden hands she gives amazing massages. She is a globetrotter who is always on the lookout for new adventures. Among her favourite destinations there are Africa and Cuba. During her travels she dabbles in amateur photography taking countless pictures. When she is not on the road, she lives in Teodone with her husband.



Marion is a member of the “Bella & Serena” Beauty and Spa team. She lives in Val Badia with her husband and son. When she is not taking care of our guests, she spends her time in the mountains climbing between one peak and another. Another one of her passions is reading.



Michaela is part of the “Bella & Serena“ beauty and Spa team. She lives in Gais with her family and they love spending time together. She likes swimming but mostly she loves shopping.



Elisabeth is our chambermaid in house Hermine. Together with Mary, she makes sure that our dear guests feel completely at home. Elisabeth was already at the Windschar as a young girl. Today she is the proud mother of two daughters, has her own farm and loves planting and nurturing flowers and herbs in her garden.



Adriana is our floater who replaces the chambermaids on their days off and helps Monika wherever she is required. Born in Serbia, she has been living with her family in Bruneck for 27 years and loves the magical mountains. In her spare time Adriana indulges her creative streak and decorates her home with a lot of love.



Margith has been with us for several years and, together with her colleagues, takes care of the rooms. She lives in Gais and has three children. In her spare time she likes to read good novels.



Marina is our chambermaid in the Landhaus. She always greets you with a smile on her lips and enjoys doing her job reliably. Marina has two daughters aged 27 and 28. Her greatest passion is reading and she is most fascinated by Russian, Romanian and Italian literature.



Sladana is originally from Croazia and this is her first season at Windschar. At the moment she lives in Monguelfo and her passion is drawning. During her free time she plays sports and loves reading.



Tania is originally from Moldova but she lives with her family in Bruneck. When she is not at work she spends her time reading.



Maria is a member of the Housekeeping team and she takes care of our guests paying attention to every detail in the rooms. She lives in Gais with her family and she often likes to take long walks with her husband.



Marie lives in Bruneck with her family and together with her collegues from Housekeeping she cares for our guests‘ rooms. When she is not working she likes to cook and she is very creative with her DIY.



Katiusca was born in Venezuela but she has lived in Treviso for 5 years now. She is a member of the housekeeping team and she cares for the rooms in our main building. In her spare time she loves to travel and discover new places.


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