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The Happy Boss


Naturally shy of people she does not know, Ella adores her owner and the whole Kronbichler family.

She loves to spend her afternoons in our arms and receive all the attention she can get.

She loves to sleep under the reception desks, resting her snout on the feet of our colleagues.

She has several nicknames: Elli popelli, Ellina, Dumbo.

What does she like best? Ham.



Julia is our front office manager. She graduated from hotel management school and for the past seven years she has been working at the Windschar, our hotel in Gais. She is always available and has a big heart. Julia lives in Bruneck and in her spare time she likes to go out and meet with her friends.



Judith is a member of the reception team and this is her sixth season at the Windschar Hotel. She is originally from Vandoies and in her free time she enjoys immersing herself in a good book and hanging out with friends. Another passion of hers is travelling to discover new places.



Jessica works at the Reception with her colleagues and comes from Vicenza. She loves music and tries to go to as many concerts as possible as soon as she has a bit of free time. You guessed it: she is quite the rocker!



Volodymyr is a member of the reception team and he is originally from Ukraine. One thing is for sure: Volodymyr has a lot of passions. Most of all he loves literature and spends a lot of time reading, sometimes listening to some nice classical music. Moreover, he enjoys being outside, surrounded by nature or comfortably seated in a chair at the cinema.



Emilia was born in Moldova and this is her second season at the Windschar Hotel. She moved to Italy about 4 years ago and from that moment she has fallen in love with our Country. In her free time, she likes to read, travel and take pictures



Karin is part of the reception team. She lives in Molini di Tures, and her greatest passion is traveling, which is why she is often on a plane exploring the world.



Lisa was born in Brunico, the town where she still lives in. She has a degree in Economy and Trade and in 2019 she graduated in Marketing and Communication. At Windschar is the head of the Sales&marketing department  and in charge of social media. Lisa has also a passion for fashion.



Alexander is our chef de cuisine who conjures up treats for the eyes, nose and taste buds using every trick in the book. He has been working his magic in the Windschar kitchen for more than 10 years and pursues his credo: farm regionally, harvest seasonally and refine with fresh herbs. Alex lives with his family in Gais and has a cat.



Roman has been a member of the kitchen team for the past five season. He has two sons with whom he spends his spare time and one of their favourites activities is hiking in the mountains. His greatest passion is cooking.



Marius is originally from Romania, but he has been living near Lake Garda for several years. Alongside the kitchen team, he enjoys preparing delicious treats. In his free time, he passionately indulges in long motorcycle rides, relishing the pleasure of admiring breathtaking landscapes.



Elyas, our skilled pastry chef, delights the palate with exquisite sweets and finds inspiration in the harmony of music and the magic of films, offering him a well-deserved break from creativity in the kitchen.



Kamila is originally from Slovakia and she’s part of the kitchen team. One of her passion is literature but she also enjoys sports and listening to music too.



Mihai is originally from Romania and this is his second season at the Windschar Hotel. One of his greatest passions? Traveling! He spends a lot of his free time with his beloved family.



Cristian comes from Romania and he moved to Italy approximately 10 years ago. When he’s not with our cooking team, he loves spending his time watching movies. He also likes to have fun with his friends.



Fabiola welcomes you with a warm smile at the breakfast buffet and spoils you with scrambled eggs and freshly made crêpes. Born in Chile, she followed her great love to Gais 28 years ago. In her spare time she likes to go for long walks with her four-legged friend or to explore Northern Europe.



Mohamed, a valuable member of the kitchen team, hails from Tunisia and, in his leisure time, enjoys the company of friends and gets carried away by the magic of music that fills his soul.



Giulio is a member of our service team that manages the Restaurant. He is originally from Ostuni but he lives in Gais. Giulio has always had a great passion for literature but in his spare time he also likes to travel. Moreover, he is an expert in wines and spirits: if you need a suggestion, he is the right man for the job.



Gianluca works with his colleagues at the restaurant, and with them he manages the Florian Stube. Precision and a lot of experience allow Gianluca to do his job with great professionalism. When he can, he spends his time hunting or taking care of his land in his beloved Calabria. He also enjoys speed and has a passion for sports cars



Luigi, but here at the Windschar we call him Gigi, is from Padova and is a member of the Service team. He’s always smiling and manages to put everybody in a good mood. He has two sons with whom he enjoys spending his free time. One of his passion? Bricolage.



Guglielmo comes from Ischia and has worked with us for third seasons now. He loves working with people and knows how to entertain guests every night at the bar. His hobbies are gardening and antiques.



Salvatore is part of our service team and this is his first season in Hotel Windschar. He has 2 children and he loves spending time with them. His greatest passion? His motorbike! Making long road trips is the thing he enjoys the most.



Graziano comes from Calabria and this is for him the first season by us. He works as a waiter in our restaurant room and he is very helpful with everyone. When he’s not working, he also likes to hang out with his friends.



Paul is from a picturesque village near Teramo and tackles his daily work routine with passion and an unwavering spirit.



Xhoana has been in charge of our spa for nine seasons and she is specialized in cosmetic treatments. During the treatments, her skillful hands will help you to leave stress of everyday life behind. Her family is originally from Albania but she was born and raised in Castelrotto, a beautiful town on the Alpe di Siusi. "Joy" always spreads good mood, loves good food and relaxes with yoga and meditation.



Julia is part of our SPA team and with her golden hands she gives amazing massages. She is a globetrotter who is always on the lookout for new adventures. Among her favourite destinations there are Africa and Cuba. During her travels she dabbles in amateur photography taking countless pictures. When she is not on the road, she lives in Teodone with her husband.



Michaela is part of the “Bella & Serena“ beauty and Spa team. She lives in Gais with her family and they love spending time together. She likes swimming but mostly she loves shopping.



Verena, from Vandoies, loves to explore the mountains through long treks, immersing herself in the pristine nature. Her culinary passion drives her to experiment with new cuisines, including Indian, Italian, and vegetarian. When not outdoors, you'll find Verena engrossed in a good book.



Elisabeth is our chambermaid in house Hermine. He ensures a pleasant stay for our guests by cleaning and tidying up the rooms with the passion of those who love their job. Elisabeth started at the Windschar many years ago, she took a break when her kids were born, but when they grew up, she decided to come back to work with us. She loves gardening and she use her spare time taking care of her plants and flowers.



Adriana is our floater who replaces the chambermaids on their days off and helps Monika Kronbichler with a lot of small tasks. She is a special person and you can always count on her. In every moment of the day, she always has a smile to give. She was born in Serbia but has been living in Bruneck with her family for the past 28 years and has been a part of the Windschar Team for 12 years.



Margith has been with us for several years and, together with her colleagues, takes care of the rooms. She lives in Gais and has three children. In her spare time she likes to read good novels.



Tania is originally from Moldova but she lives with her family in Bruneck. When she is not at work she spends her time reading.



Houda, originally from Tunisia, harbors deep love for her children and husband. When not engrossed in work, she passionately indulges in her love for music and finds solace in reading books that inspire her.



Imma, with roots in beautiful Ischia, nurtures her curious soul with travels to places like Seville and Florence. Besides her passion for reading, she is a loving mother of two.


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