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Julia is our front office manager. She lives with her family in Gais and has been working at the Windschar for four years. Julia is an open-minded and warm person and is always happy to help you with any questions you may have. In her spare time she likes meeting up with her friends.



Karin organises and provides information at the reception. She comes from Molini di Tures and speaks German, Italian and English. Her passion is travelling, which is the reason why she is often on the road exploring the world.



Bruna is our ambitious employee at the reception and comes from Matera in southern Italy. The Italian is the proud mother of a son and has a special passion for languages. She was particularly fond of German, which is why Bruna lived in Germany for 10 years.



Ivo is part of the reception team and is in his first season at Windschar. He lives in Predoi with his wife and 7-year-old son. In his spare time he loves to do different sports: mountaineering and climbing are only two of the different activities he practises.




Claudia comes from Tuscany and has lived with her family in Gais since 2013. She studied media sciences and journalism at the University of Florence and is now the assistent to the management and together with Lisa, she takes care of the hotel’s marketing and social media. Claudia loves the cinema and sport, but her greatest passion is and remains football.


Lisa was born and lives in Brunico. She graduated in Economics and Business at the University of Verona and in 2019 she completed her studies with a Master's degree in Marketing and Business Communication also in Verona. At Windschar she deals with Marketing&Sales. Lisa has always had a passion for fashion. 



Alexander is our chef de cuisine who conjures up treats for the eyes, nose and taste buds using every trick in the book. He has been working his magic in the Windschar kitchen for more than 10 years and pursues his credo: farm regionally, harvest seasonally and refine with fresh herbs. Alex lives with his family in Gais and has a cat.

Michele lives in Brunico with his family and the person he loves most in the world is his 1-year-old son. When he is not working in the Windschar's kitchen he loves to go on long hikes in the mountains. 

Armando works with his colleagues in the kitchen. He's originally from Rome but lives in Gais. In his spare time he shares his many passions. He loves football and fishing, but also likes to play tennis. He has a passion for motorcycles. Armando also likes wines and is a sommelier. 



Fabiola welcomes you with a warm smile at the breakfast buffet and spoils you with scrambled eggs and freshly made crêpes. Born in Chile, she followed her great love to Gais 24 years ago. In her spare time she likes to go for long walks with her four-legged friend or to explore Northern Europe.



Shaip has been ensuring that the kitchen area is spotlessly clean for more than 19 years and always works with the utmost care. The 50-year-old originally comes from Kosovo and now lives in Brunico/Bruneck with his family. Shaip has four children and loves telling them stories.


Walter lives in Brunico with his family. He has 3 children: 2 boys and a girl. It's his first season at Windschar. In his spare time Walter loves to dance and go on long and nice bike rides. 

Fabio is our pastry chef. He is originally from Pavia but lives in Brunico with his partner. When he doesn't bake delicious desserts he loves to exercise and particularly loves running. 

Paola is originally from Friuli Venezia Giulia but has been working in South Tyrol for over 10 years. In addition to her passion for cooking, she loves to travel the world. One country that has remained in her heart is Thailand. During her free time when she cannot travel she practises sport. 

Gaz is originally from Albania but lives in Campo Tures with his wife and son. During his free time Gaz likes to cook or work out in the gym. 




Our Maître Giulio was born in the province of Ferrara, but lives in wonderful Sardinia, where he spends pleasant days on the boat. At Windschar, he has been working for three winter seasons. In addition to his mother tongue Italian, he also speaks German, French and English. His hobbies are basketball and hiking, but he also has a remarkable collection of stamps.



Our Sieglinde, affectionately called Siegi by everyone, ensures a good mood within the service team. The sensitive waitress anticipates your wishes and spoils you with every trick in the book. Siegi comes from Gais and enjoys her free time most with wellness and walks.



Giulio has been part of our service team for two seasons and cares for the well-being of our guests in the Kronplatzstube. He lives with his family in Riscone and has two great passions: on one hand, he loves to explore our beautiful mountains and on the other hand, he adores spending time with his two beloved grandchildren - Matheus and Sofia.


Petra devotes herself to preparing delicious coffees and cappuccinos with a lot of love and devotion every morning. She lives in Brunico/Bruneck with her husband and their little son and prefers spending her free time in the mountains or on the slopes.


Geza is our favourite Hungarian waiter. He has been working at the Windschar for 14 years and has returned to us this season after a short break. He is a passionate chess player and likes to watch football matches in his spare time.

He is originally from Romania, but currently lives in Gais. He has two children: a boy and a girl. One of his passions that he cultivates during his free time is cycling. How much he loves long bike rides. 

Silvia is one of our waiters and lives in San Giorgio. When she's not working at the Windschar she takes care of her 2 children aged 3 and 7. During her free time she loves to take long walks. 

Ivana is originally from Bosnia Erzegovia, but has been living in Molini di Tures for some years. At the Windschar she takes care of the room service. Ivana has always had a great passion for literature. When she's not working she likes to spend her time reading. 




Xhoana has been part of our spa team for three seasons and is specialized in cosmetic treatments. She has also the diploma of the unique Haki method, thanks to which she will help you to leave everyday stress behind. Her family is originally from Albania but she was born and raised in Castelrotto, a beautiful town on the Alpe di Siusi. "Joy" always spreads good mood, loves good food and relaxes with yoga and meditation.



Julia is part of our SPA team and has golden hands for massages. She is a globetrotter who is always on the lookout for new adventures. Her favourite destinations include Africa and Cuba. The little amateur photographer takes countless pictures during her travels. When she is not on the road, she lives in Teodone/Dietenheim with her husband.



Maria is our expert for massages and also masters the unique Haki method. She originally comes from Bari, but decided to live in Brunico/Bruneck due to South Tyrol's sheer beauty. The masseuse is a warm person who anticipates your every wish and always makes every effort to make you feel comfortable. Travelling is her passion.



Elisabeth is our chambermaid in house Hermine. Together with Mary, she makes sure that our dear guests feel completely at home. Elisabeth was already at the Windschar as a young girl. Today she is the proud mother of two daughters, has her own farm and loves planting and nurturing flowers and herbs in her garden.



Mary is our chambermaid in house Hermine. She has been working at the Windschar since the 90s and has witnessed how it has developed from a pizzeria to a wellness hotel. The proud grandmother of five grandchildren from Valle Aurina/Ahrntal loves spending her free time on two wheels or with her four-legged friend.



Adriana is our floater who replaces the chambermaids on their days off and helps Monika wherever she is required. Born in Serbia, she has been living with her family in Brunico/Bruneck for 23 years and loves the magical mountains. In her spare time Adriana indulges her creative streak and decorates her home with a lot of love.


Mirjana is the magic fairy of our house Sylvia, where she takes care of her rooms with great precision and attention. She was born in Croatia and among her passions, the greatest is gardening, and this love for plants and flowers also puts her in the large Windschar garden. Inside her lives a little Picasso, because Mirjana loves to spend her free time painting and shaping.

Marina is our maid on the floors of the main house. Smiling, helpful and kind, she does her work with pleasure and reliability. She has two daughters aged 26 and 27 and her greatest passion is reading, she loves Russian, Romanian and Italian literature in particular.

Justina is part of the floor maid team. She's originally from Poland, but lives in Gais with her boyfriend. Justina has two children: a girl and a boy. In her spare time she loves to go horseback riding and play tennis. 

Sladana is originally from Croatia and this is her first season at Windschar. She currently lives in Monguelfo and her greatest passion is drawing. In her spare time she plays sports and loves to read. 




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