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Explore Campo Tures and its hidden gems

Discover the castle, visitor center, and waterfall with our guide Doris

In the town of Campo Tures, just a few kilometers from our hotel, our expert mountain guide Doris will accompany you on a truly special hike:

Campo Tures Castle, in fact, encapsulates a unique atmosphere, and you can visit it to uncover its corners and curiosities.

From there, we continue to the Visitor Center of the Ries-Aurina Vedrette Natural Park, whose motto is "the boundaries of nature and the boundaries of man." You will discover the mountain in its entirety, with its fauna and flora, as well as its paths and shelters.

Finally, the winter landscape will accompany you to the first waterfall on a natural and immersive journey in the heart of our valley.


5 of 5 Stars | TripAdvisor