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Christmas cookies

Traditions and fragrances to warm your heart

The Christmas season is on its way and among lights, decorations and the crackling of the fireplace we just need some fragrant and tasty Christmas cookies to complete the picture.

Everyone has their own tradition or favourite recipe, maybe passed along from one generation to the next o maybe one that reminds them of their childhood; some might prefer to bake on their own with some carols in the background while others thank the chance to make it a group activity with their loved ones. In short, it doesn’t matter which you make or how, the Christmas cookies are perfect to fill both your belly and your heart.

And if you are looking for a new recipe, we suggest these Christmas butter-cookies and we take the opportunity to wish you a sweet and merry Christmas!


Flour 500 g
Butter 250 g
Sugar 170 g
Eggs 2
Yeast 1 sachet
Lemon peel
Vanilla to taste
Apricot jam for the filling
Icing sugar

180° x 10 min


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