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Typical South Tyrolean costumes

Tradition that still lives on today

Many people native to these places still wear traditional Tyrolean costumes today, a sign of a past with strong roots; these costumes are also called Tracht, a word of German origin derived from the verb tragen, meaning 'to wear a dress'.

The fabrics used are Loden, linen, cotton, velvet, leather and lots of lace. Loden, in particular, is a very typical material of our places and it takes a lot of time to produce a good one!

The most commonly used female costume is called Dirndl and consists of a bodice, a skirt, an apron, a blouse and a jacket. It is not unusual to see South Tyroleans going about their daily lives wearing this dress; alternatively, the dresses are used at festivals, in music bands and folklore groups.

In short, the South Tyrolean tradition of the past is still in vogue!


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