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Check out our Ayurasan Treatment

Wellness for the body, balance of the soul


Are you looking for a relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating treatment? Check out our Ayurasan treatement.

In the summer time, it is important to have fun and entertainment but we are sure that you may also be looking for some rest and relaxation. At our „Bella & Serena“ Beuty Center you may invigorate body and mind thanks to our Ayurasan treatment.

This specific ministration is performed according to the ancient therapeutic science Ayurveda ehich lays ist foundations on a 5000 years old experience and history. If you choose to try this treatment you will be gently massaged with warm ayuervedic oils that will relax your body and balance your mind until your chackra channels open.

For those looking for even more cuddles at the Spa of our Hotel, it is also possible to end the treatment with a Swedana ayurvedic bath.


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